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A confidential service for employees and employers

SeeHearSpeakUp is a unique external and independent global whistleblowing service which allows your employees to report matters without fear.

Our staff are qualified and experienced investigators who are trained in interview techniques to ensure that they extract all relevant information from those providing the information.

Our clients include publicly listed companies, government departments, state owned enterprises and private equity backed organisations.

The SeeHearSpeakUp service encourages employees to report issues that are of concern to them and the information can be of great benefits to the employer organisation by providing an early warning of instances of fraud, health and safety issues or other areas of misconduct.

We are proud to offer our unique services to all types of organisations operating both domestically and internationally, as well as our ability to tailor those services to our client’s individual needs. We also continually adapt and enhance our services to meet with ever-changing international whistleblowing/hotline legislation.

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Client Testimonials

Bridgeforth Engineering

“In this day and age, companies are increasingly under pressure to ensure ethical compliance. To facilitate this, and having a...

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Hazel Vallance, Legal Counsel, Sparrows Group

"SeeHearSpeakUp provide an extremely efficient and bespoke service for their clients. They play an integral role in our group business...

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Director, Charitable Institution

"I instructed AAB to investigate a fraud which had occurred at a remote subsidiary of my institution. They acted promptly...

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CEO, Oil & Gas Service Organisation

"With the changes in the law in the UK it's essential for company directors to be proactive in ensuring compliance...

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Angela McCallum, Portfolio Legal Director, Clyde Blowers Capital

"I found the team at SHSU to be most professional and attentive. With minimal input and effort from us, they...

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